Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regime Change

There has been a regime change in our Garden. One of the trees in our garden has several holes at different heights which are home to 2-3 species of birds at various times of the year. We call it 'The Apartment'. 
Last year, at this time, one of the holes was occupied by a pair of Spotted Owlets. One of the pair kept vigil from a nearby tree while the other occupied the nest. I think there were three chicks although I can't be sure. These Owlets were the top dogs of the Garden. Our dog also loved to pick up the remains of their nightly snacks that fell at the base of the tree.
This year the hole has been taken over by a pair of Indian Rollers amidst loud shrieks and screeches by both the occupiers and the displaced. The Rose-ringed Parakeets, who occupy the hole above them, also join in the general cacophony. I think they prefer the Owlets or maybe they are just status quoists. The owlets meanwhile sulk in our porch and are possibly awaiting for an opportunity to re-occupy the hole.

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