Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chestnut-capped Babbler

This is one of my favourite birds. It is an inhabitant of grasslands near water bodies. It is an absolute skulker and one has to be very lucky to get even the briefest glimpse of this bird.

The first indication that the bird is in the vicinity is its call. Then you see the grass stalks shiver unnaturally due to the bird moving around at its base. That's when the shiver of anticipation runs through you and the camera/binocular is ready to spring into action.

On your lucky day you will be witness to an unmatched dance over the grass stalks and on most days all you see are multiple ripples in the grass as the flock moves away from you.

I must have spent days stalking this bird in the last year or so but have been lucky to clearly just see it 3-4 times. What a show it was. All those lost hours are made in seconds and that is why this remains one of my favourite birds.

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